Want to decorate, or redecorate, and have your home be a cut above the rest? You can achieve a true decorator look by putting up a decorative tin tiles with easy to install decorative tin ceiling tiles from the foremost online supplier, DecorativeCeilingTiles.net.

TIN TILES on your ceiling will provide a retro look that is also modern in today’s decorating motif. The tin tiles will also add true class to the room, or rooms, in which you choose to apply them. By using this technique you will not need to hire an Interior Decorator and the saving from that will likely pay for all the tin tiles you will need.

Tin Tiles on ceilings originally became popular in the 19th Century, known as the Victorian Era. The tin tiles were developed to mimic the “expensive” decorative plaster designs used in the homes of wealthy Europeans. The majority of the manufacturing process, the pressing of a design into a sheet of tin, was relatively easy and, therefor, relatively inexpensive.

Today the retro look is “in” and sought after by many homeowners to give their rooms a distinctive look. Give it a try, click on over to Decorative Ceiling Tiles and see all the designs they have to offer. You will also find installation tips for tin tiles and decorator ideas for all kinds of ceiling decor.


The art of photography is unique, personal and technical. These three attributes must stand above the rest in order to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. For studio work such as portraiture and/or large/small object photography a variety of photographic backdrops/backgrounds is required.

Here’s a look at a “usual” studio setup with fabric draped over a rod.Photo studio backdrop needs to be replaced with tin tiles.Boring, eh? Well, maybe not boring because there can be great variety in the fabric used and in the way in which it is lighted. The problem is, however, that EVERYBODY IS DOING THE SAME THING.

How’s this for an alternative?Tin Tiles used as photo studio backdrop

For photographers who are looking for cheap/affordable and “easy” backdrops, here is an interesting concept and certainly a great idea. TIN TILES! Yes, tin tiles, the same kind of tin ceiling tiles that can be used in decorative ceilings, back splashes and/or wainscoting in your home.

Photographers need a variety of unique backdrops (photographic and photogenic backgrounds), to stand out from the crowd. There is a vast array of tin (and other) ceiling tiles that certainly lend themselves well to fulfilling that purpose. A great place to browse and purchase these items online is at Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Here’s a page that describes affordable photography backdrops – or, just click one of the DecorativeCeilingTiles ads on this page. They have a great selection, inexpensive pricing and quick delivery.

Tin Ceiling Tile as a Photography Background

You can select a design (or several designs) and order enough tiles to cover a portion of a studio wall. You can also make some inexpensive panels with some 4×8 sheets of plywood from your local building supply store.

Now, just imagine the possibilities with just one design. You can flat-light with a flood to show the subtleties of texture, or edge-light with a spot to make the design and texture “snap” in full relief. You can use all white tin tiles and “color” them with the appropriate gels over your light source(s). Or you can mix-n-match those three techniques to provide just the effect that YOUR artistic eye demands.

To learn more be sure to watch this video: Making Your Own Photo Background.


Use tin tiles instead of paintingTIN TILES or PAINT? Oh my, is it time for that old “paint the ceiling” chore to make your favorite room look brighter? You might want to consider a more decorator touch, that won’t cost much more and can still be done in a day (or maybe a weekend if you are a klutz like me).

Modern decor often involves invoking a retro look to a home, condo or apartment. The most popular of these may be the Victorian Era ceilings made of tin tiles. This ceiling treatment is relatively easy to install, maybe even less “messy” than painting a ceiling and certainly will produce that “Wow Factor” that gives you sense of pride accomplishment.

Our affiliated merchant, DecrativeCeilingTiles.net, has a great selection of these decorative tin tiles to apply to your ceiling. Click on over and take a peek – you just might find the perfect solution to make that drab old ceiling come alive in your home.