Aluminum Backsplash Tiles for Kitchen or Bath

"Tin" Tiles for Kitchen or Bath Backsplash?

Certainly! You found the place the right place for information about what types of tin tiles to use for the backsplash in your kitchen, bathroom vanity or wet bar. Please note that the word tin is in quotes. Yes, tin back splash tiles can (and will) rust in a moist environment. No matter how well you paint or try to protect them from moisture, all it takes is one small chip or crack to begin the deterioration process. What you may really need is what our supplier offers Aluminum Backsplash Tiles.

Decorative Ceiliing Tiles
So, why bother installing a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom at all? It should make sense that water splashes and food splashes are not good for wall paint or (many) other coverings. Water can leave spots on paint, and food stains can certainly leave a wall surface in a sorry state.

The normal backsplash built into a counter top is only about four or five inches (4 or 5) high. Take a look at your walls and you decide is that really high enough to protect your walls? Of course not! There are only a couple of logical choices for protecting your wall surface in this highly vulnerable area and one of them is Aluminum Backsplash Tiles.

The other, and a biggie for some people, is that a custom backsplash in kitchen or bath add a unique decorator touch to your home. These wall coverings are not difficult to install (ideal for the do-it-yourself folks) and are inexpensive. Check out all the choices of different kinds of home remodeling tiles available from the Decorative Ceiling Tile Store, your online source for these popular and unique items.

Flower Power Backsplash Tile Style 612Flower Power tile as an example of Aluminum Backsplash Tiles

Here is just one style of aluminum backsplash tile available from our merchant, Decorative Ceiling Tiles. This one is Item 612 Flower Power Backsplash.

This particular tile is a nail-up tile and measures 18 3/8 x 24 3/8. It is aluminum so it will never rust, has no sharp edges and is meant for one-person installation. It may also be available in the following finishes (most are coated aluminum): Mill Finish Aluminum, Clear Coated Aluminum, White, Antique Brass, Burnt Mahogany, Crackled Ivory, Green Marble, Crackled White, Leather, Polished Brass, Polished Copper, Sage, Sky Tones, Adobe, Amethyst, Buff, AquaMarine, Caribbean Sea, Chocolate, Coral Reef, Dark Stained Oak, Dove Gray, Emerald, Harvest, Honeydew, Indian Spice, Lemon Grass, Mahogany, Mocha, Midnight, Mauvelous Rose, Cinnamon Stick, River Rock, Sapphire, Sea of Blue, Topaz, Turkish Coffee, Antique Brass-Copper, Distressed Sage, Mahoganied Clear, Mahoganied Brass, Antiqued Spice, Rawhide White, Antique Brass-Clear, Solid Copper, Peaches-n-Cream, Marble, Antique Pewter, Bell of Hope, Flaxen, Aqua Green, Peridot, Slate Stoneworks, Solid Copper Aged Solid Copper, Brandy, Molten silver, Weathered Saddle, Verdigris, Smoked Alabaster, Architectural Bronze, Palomino, Molten Gold, Merlot, Antique Gold, Creme Brulee, Variegated Crimson, Venetian Plaster, Charred Pewter, Mother of Pearl, Pacific Tide, Rusted Adobe, Chardonnay, Athenian Bronze, Arctic Frost, Bronzed Autumn, and White Washed Gold (Coated Aluminum).

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